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We believe that our patients deserve the best we can do for them. That's why we invested in the latest technology and offer equipment that you would expect only at specialist practices. Like dental microscopes, dental lasers, 3D X-rays and 4K screens. All to ensure we can deliver high quality treatment to our patients. 

Dental Associates Papamoa Microscope

Zeiss Dental Microscope

The use of the Zeiss dental microscope allows for unprecedented attention to detail, which is fundamental for the quality of the dental treatment. On top of that patients can watch live on a 4k screen and rest assured that they can trust us to do our best for them.

For the patients that prefer we also have movies and tv series available as well as wireless headphones, to make your visit the most enjoyable one possible.

Dental Associates Papamoa Dental Micoscope
Dental Associates Papamoa Laser

Epic Diode Laser

Diode lasers like the Biolase Epic that we have make several of our treatments much more comfortable, with better and faster healing compared to the old days. Latest technology combined with skill and care to deliver great results. 


Dental Associates Papamoa Dental Laser
Dental Associates Papamoa 3D X-rays

MyRay Hyperion X9


Having access to a state of art 3D X-ray equipment like the MyRay Hyperion X9 allows us to be much more accurate and precise on our diagnosis and true condition of your oral health, reducing much of the uncertainty and increasing the safety and success of our treatment.



Dental Associates Papamoa 3D
Dental Associates Papamoa Invisalign



The world’s most advanced clear aligner.

With 20 years of research, 900+ patents, the world’s largest 3D printing operation, 1 and data from 5.5 million 2 smiles, you can trust Invisalign clear aligners.

Dental Associates Papamoa Invisalign
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